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How to organize moving if you have a lot of things?

Business, Home - James Cooper - August 20, 2018

moving to a new apartment. Happy family couple and a lot of cardboard boxes.

The best method to move within one city is to do it not in one day, and at least within a week if not two. This time usually is enough for comfortable moving. And on the first evening, it is possible to begin to live in the new apartment, and not just to sort things. However, if you deal with moving service companies you can do it in a single day But how to organize moving independently? The algorithm of actions is below.
Carry out measurements
The first: receive the plan of the new apartment with sizes of walls and distributing of sockets to estimate where and what furniture to put. What to buy in addition and what sizes. Measure all niches — even those which seem improper just for decoration. Perhaps, they suit for additional hangers or mirrors. The ideas where to attach a specific subject, often come spontaneously in the shop, and measurements don’t appear. It is important to understand in advance where there will be the heaviest objects when moving to the new apartment.
Determine the amount of light in the new place
Surely go to the new residence in the afternoon during a sunny weather: it will become clear whether it is necessary to buy additional curtains.
Also, it will be clear where to put additional lamps if the light in the apartment is distributed unevenly. Note on the plan the location of devices of lighting and don’t plan to put the blocking furniture (cases) in these parts.

It is desirable to finish all dusty works requiring drilling and subsequent actions before there arrive furniture, books, and clothes.
Organization of storage systems
Before packing things when moving, organize in the new apartment enough place for storage. If there is no opportunity to quickly order the built-in wardrobes under the room size, take the simplest identical racks and the big boxes suitable by the size to pack things in those.
Usually, order, delivery and installation of racks take three days. Even if to move with one hundred signed boxes it will be better, than several months to live in expectation of bright future on trunks. You will give cases than for shipment at own expense.

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